Add a vetted Virtual Assistant to your team, with supplemental support from Virtually4You

Outsourcing on your own is a calculated risk. BizMatching takes that risk off the table entirely.

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There are many moving parts when it comes to growing your team. In searching for the right person you have to consider…


…their qualifications.


…their work style.


…how they will mesh with current team members.


…if they will be a good representation of you and your business.

Virtually4You’s BizMatching service takes all of that (and more) off of your plate. By using a proven hiring framework while tapping into her extensive network, LaToya is able to match you with a Virtual Assistant who will fit in seamlessly with your business and your team as, an independent contractor or employee, to provide you with the executive, next-level support that you need and deserve.

But that’s not all. BizMatching gives you regular access to LaToya and the whole Virtually4You team.

what’s included?

Your new BizMatched Virtual Assistant will help you with…


Calendar management


Email management


Client management


Project management


Presentation support (Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides, and Canva)


Travel booking


Light accounts payable and receivable support (Quickbooks, Freshbooks, etc.)


All things administration

…and Virtually4You will provide consultation and support to ensure that everything in your business is going smoothly.

Client Testimonials

Praise from former and current bizmatching clients:

LaToya is a delight – she always brings an attitude of optimism and understanding to our conversations. She literally reduces my stress by seeing ways I can streamline and offload the unwanted tasks.

Sharon McIntosh

Love [LaToya’s] thoroughness. She helped me get organized and create an infrastructure that I can use in the future, not to mention the way I was onboarded at the beginning of working together. She has an infectious spirit and I am truly going to have “LaToya withdrawal”.

Andres Tapia

As a solo entrepreneur, there are only so many things that I can get done in a single day. LaToya gives me the support that I need to grow my business at the pace that I want, not to mention the attention and care she provides me personally. She is truly a God send to me.

Terra Winston

I’m ready!

Add a trusted Virtual Assistant to your team with the comfort of knowing that Virtually4You has got your back.

You, your team, and your clients deserve a business that is not just functional, but organized, fine-tuned, and sustainable.