Ready to strategically map your way to a better, more aligned business?

Take back control of your business by realigning with your vision, mission, values, and purpose.

Latoya Williamson online business manager

The CEOBlueprintXperience (CBX) is a VIP day OR 3-week virtual strategy experience that prioritizes and maps out your ultimate goals, and gives you:


Complete confidence surrounding your next business moves.


Realignment with your team members.


Executable tasks to work towards your big-picture vision.


Tools and templates to immediately improve your day-to-day operations.


…and most importantly, you’ll walk away from CBX with a year-long plan for surpassing your goals, structuring your teams, and ultimately stepping into the most aligned, purpose-driven version of your CEO self so you can stop being reactive vs proactive.

As a CEO, it’s your responsibility to keep yourself and your team focused on your mission, vision, and goals.

But, when you’re stuck treading water in your business, working completely out of alignment with your purpose, and managing a team that lacks direction… that focus is the first thing to fly out the window.

The CEOBlueprintXperience helps you recapture the focus in your business, and put yourself and your team on the path to success.

The CEOBlueprintXperience is a strategic planning session based on The Strategic Mapping Model™ that includes:


Walk away from The CEOBlueprintXperience with a comprehensive year-long strategy map and plan for your business to help you and your team achieve even your biggest goals and stay on track for a profitable, productive year.


Over the course of three weeks, you’ll have a KICK-OFF call where we’ll cover mission, vision and values, followed by, two 2-hour STRATEGY SESSIONS designed to help you realign with your purpose and vision, map out your goals, and break those goals down into tasks and action-items. These sessions are structured to help you dive deep into the greater mission and vision of your business, and align your daily operations to those big-picture goals. 


Covering everything from visibility to operations to financial stability, The CEOBlueprintXperience helps you get crystal clear on the seven most important aspects of running a profitable business: financial steadiness, visibility, product development, operational efficiencies, team growth, client experience and growth & development.  All while ensuring your business will support your personal goals and the life you want.


On our last call, as part of our REPORT OUT, you’ll get customized tools and templates based on your goals and needs. These will be custom-created for you, and handed over to help you and your team stay on track and accountable for your success.


→ Optional quarterly planning sessions
→ Optional accountability calls
→ Optional project management upgrade

Latoya Williamson online business manager

Because, as a CEO, you need the clarity that you’ve been craving surrounding the future of your business.

If you want to…


Increase your monthly and yearly revenue.


Launch a new offer.


Organize and streamline how you work.


Grow your dream team.


Work less IN your business and more ON your business.


Rediscover your zone of genius, then live in it.

…then let’s sit down for CBX and make it happen. Over the course of three weeks, we’ll talk through everything that’s going on in your business and with your teams, and map out how to realign your operations with your big-picture vision.

Switching things up every two minutes, pivoting at the drop of a hat, and approaching business without a solid strategy is a waste of…


Which is already limited as a CEO. When you’re dedicating all of your time to keeping your business afloat, you have nothing left to dedicate towards the big picture.


Moving through business without a strategy not only prevents you from making money, but it also inevitably causes you to waste your money.


Perhaps your most valuable resource of all–working outside of your purpose alignment completely zaps you and your team of energy.

…all three of which are limited for a busy CEO. The CEO Blueprint Xperience helps you approach the next twelve months in business with a detailed, thorough plan for you and your team to achieve ultimate productivity without wasting your most precious resources.

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Monthly spots for The CEOBlueprintXperience are extremely limited.