I’m LaToya,

and I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m a former C-Suite Executive Assistant bringing 20+ years of corporate experience to the online business space. Through hands-on support and mentorship, I am able to bridge the gap between corporate structure and entrepreneurial freedom. But the story is much longer (and juicier) than that…

my story

I am…

Results Driven

When faced with a challenge or project, my top priority is to get the job done, and to do it well. I bring the same drive out in my clients and students, encouraging them to focus on the results without having to over-deliver.


When it comes to living life on your own terms, I’m all in! If you share an idea or dream with me, I’m going to take that idea and run with it. But be careful, I’m going to hold you accountable for making it your reality.


When I work with someone who appreciates me and sees the true value in what I do, I become a ride-or-die business partner, friend, and mentor–for life! You won’t be able to get rid of me, but you also won’t want to.

my story

My story starts with 20 years of corporate experience, but it doesn’t end there…

Latoya Williamson online business manager

During my tenure in the corporate world, I was a fierce advocate for my coworkers–people who began their careers seeking support, wanting their voices heard, and, of course, looking for a good job.

After 10 years in my most recent corporate role, I was laid off. That’s the thing about working for someone else–it’s unpredictable. Even though I loved (and was great at) my job, it was all gone overnight. Instead of returning to corporate, I decided to push into something new. It was terrifying, and I was broke. Like, deciding whether to pay the mortgage or the internet bill broke. For the record, I chose the internet bill, because this online business was my chance at the life I had been dreaming about.

When I founded Virtually4You Business Solutions, it was with my former corporate coworkers in mind. The people who are overdelivering, burning out, and letting their voice go unheard for the chance at that next big promotion or raise. I help my clients find what they were seeking in the corporate space through their online business. I am now a fierce advocate for my clients–helping them feel seen, heard, paid, and cared for on their own terms. By building a business that works with their lifestyle.

I have a way of sticking with people for the long run. Family members, friends, and past clients have often told me that when faced with a tough decision they found themselves asking “What would LaToya do?” That’s because I’m more than a business manager and mentor. I’m a friend. Someone you can turn to for support, laughs, and tough love.

How can I help you?

If you let me, I’ll be your biggest advocate.
But you have to be willing and ready to become the best version of yourself.