In her debut podcast episode, LaToya keeps it real! She discusses her entrepreneurial journey and how early on she displayed the traits of a boss. She has never been a stranger to hard work but will only be respectful when respected. Although it took several roles and numerous personality clashes, LaToya learned much about others but even more about herself.

As a natural-born leader, she did not want others dictating her career path and discovered that when you are born to be something, it just happens. So, as scary as it seemed, when it was time, it was ‘simply’ time to launch her very own business. It was more than a notion to transition from employee to boss and her success was not instant. LaToya was soon off to a slow start and quickly found herself unmotivated and uninspired. What happened to that fire she always had? She had wandered off into a deep cave of dejection and could not find her way out. It took the sincere concern of her loving mother to encourage her to snap out of it. And that she did!

With renewed energy, LaToya turned things around for herself. Her positive energy created advantageous opportunities. But was this enough? Was generating full-time income as a virtual assistant what LaToya wanted? No! So, in 2018, LaToya made it a goal to get back on track to her nurturing her business and growing her brand. She knew that this meant taking risks. To elevate her business LaToya needed to invest in her business. Investing in her business meant investing in herself. She employed the necessary support to help scale her business to a new level. 2019 was a great year and 2020 was promising great things. Exciting Times! And then, CORONAVIRUS! The global pandemic has changed all our lives and LaToya was not immune to its effects. During the past year, her business has suffered, as have many. This helped to change LaToya’s focus. During this downtime, LaToya took the opportunity to build the back end of her business.

LaToya is sharing her journey with us because it has always been an aspiration for her to attract and inspire her audience. She hopes that you find some treasures in her message and that you follow your dreams.


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