To create a course or not to create a course? That is the question! 

When you are a thriving online business owner, others will undoubtedly want to know the secrets to your success. Naturally, you want to help others, but perhaps you are struggling with the “who?”, the “what?” and the “how?” to share your wealth of knowledge with your online audience. Sound familiar? If so, then you’re in the right place. 

Join LaToya and her guest, Lindsey Rains for this Elevate Your Business podcast show episode. Lindsey began her online journey with a horse blog for a non-profit organization, allowing her to creatively promote and market their sponsorship services. Of course, trial, error, and time led Lindsey to explore social media platforms to gain traction and grow her online audience. Because of her displayed expertise, other bloggers began to solicit her assistance with their businesses in the horse industry. She built trust with her online peers, and these peers transitioned into clients. This speedily warranted a need to employ a team, as her business was soaring to new heights.

With her experience, Lindsey soon realized that creating courses would be the most effective way to teach others ‘How To?’ Her audience essentially dictates the types of courses that she creates. Courses that drive results are what her audience responds to. She uses her journey to create courses that will help others take their business to the next level, and because of the trust she has built with her online audience, her courses have proven successful. Lindsey’s course creation has thus evolved into teaching others how to create online courses of their own. “Course sales can easily become passive and additional income while you focus on other endeavors for your business,” says Lindsey. 

You’ll notice that in this episode Lindsey shares her story of success, with the hope that you gain the knowledge and courage to take those same simple steps to Elevate Your Business. 


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