When you type the word ‘overwhelmed entrepreneur’ into Google you get over 30,000,000 results coming up. Can you believe that number? That’s huge. 

It just shows you how many people are facing complete business burnout and looking for help. They’re sick of feeling like an employee in their own business and would love someone to show them how to manage their business, put some structure around things, and get their life back.

This is good news for you because it means you’re not on your own. You’re not the only overwhelmed entrepreneur out there. There are plenty who feel the same as you, like the entrepreneurial world is getting on top of them, and they can’t see the wood through the trees. It’s a common feeling as you try to grow and scale your business.

It’s very easy to get drawn into that mentality of ‘always working’ and being switched on all the time and that in itself is draining, and you never allow yourself to press the off button.

How do you recognize the signs of an Overwhelmed Entrepreneur?

There are several telltale signs that scream overwhelm and the first is that feeling of always being buried under a mountain of work that never seems to get any less. Every time you look at the pile, virtual or otherwise, it seems to get bigger rather than smaller.

Then there’s those intense feelings that take over your mind making you feel swamped, defeated, exhausted and overloaded. It all starts to feel completely pointless and you start to lose your passion and drive. And you start to question the reason behind why you became an entrepreneur in the first place. 

Finally, there’s the enemy of time and how little of it you seem to have. There’s never enough hours in a day and you feel trapped trading time for money.

Well fear not, as my Google search proved you’re not on your own and there are many things you can do to put a stop to this feeling of entrepreneurial overwhelm.

How can you scale your business and stop the overwhelm as an entrepreneur?

Good question. There’s so much advice out there it can be hard to know what to do first so let me simplify it for you with five simple tips that will not only get you started but really help you battle the burnout.

Tip No 1 for Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs – Ask for Help from the Right People

I know, mind-blowing isn’t it? But hear me out here. So many entrepreneurs I speak to as a virtual Chief of Staff and Online Business Manager, say the thing they struggle with the most is asking for and accepting help. 

For some they feel it’s like admitting defeat or that it just proves they’re not good enough to do it themselves. Others are just ashamed to ask for help as they believe it makes them look weak. 

Well I’m here to tell you that simply isn’t the case. In fact, asking for help is the smart option. I mean think about it for a second, how often when you’re stuck do you turn to Google or YouTube for help? How is asking a person any different from asking those two platforms? At least if you’re asking a professional you’re getting the right type of help instead of taking the risk that the person you’re listening to might not be an expert at all. Or worse still have bad advice that could have an adverse affect on your business. 

Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of understanding your own limitations and allowing your business to get the best possible advice.

Tip No 2 for Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs – Automate the Rinse and Repeat Elements of your Business

How many things in your business are things that could be automated or scheduled ahead of time? Automation is a powerful tool when used well and can save you so much time in your business, helping to lower the overwhelm levels. 

Think about the tedious, laborious tasks that are repeated regularly. Things like invoicing monthly clients, social media, and email marketing. All of these are prime candidates for automation. It might be a bit of pain upfront to get everything set up and tested, but once it’s done it truly is rinse and repeat on automation. 

Tip No 3 for Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs – Outsource to the Professionals

Contrary to popular belief we do not need to be working within every single area of our business to be successful. Actually, it’s the opposite. To be successful you need to identify the areas of your business that don’t require you, the areas you can get rid of and outsource to others.

I’d never dream of trying to do my own accounts, that’s why God invented accountants. It’s an area of weakness for me as well as complete overwhelm so I don’t do it. The whole thing gets outsourced to a bookkeeper who then liaises with the accountant on my behalf.

Copywriting and blogging is another prime candidate for the outsourcing pile. It’s an important aspect of your marketing but if it’s also something you struggle with, aren’t good at, or just can’t stand doing, then get rid of it. Give it to someone who loves it and is good at it.

The way I always look at this is by calculating how many hours it would take me to do something as opposed to a professional. Then I times that number of hours by my hourly rate to get a figure. If that figure is well in excess of what it would cost to outsource, which it usually is, then you have your answer.

Tip No 4 for Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs – Create Structure and Strategies

Now, this might not be something you can do yourself as it takes a certain brain to be able to see past the muddle and put down some strong foundations. Usually, we’re too close to it all ourselves to be able to do this. 

However, when you spend some time working with someone who has an operational and project management skill set, like me, you’ll be amazed at what can be achieved. You’ll be able to simplify your processes, create sustainable workflows and identify the areas where you need support.

The benefit of this not only helps you to overcome the overwhelm but also allows you to increase your profit and productivity. A Virtual Chief of Staff can streamline your processes and help you to lift the load permanently, no quick fixes.

Tip No 5 for Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs – Stop Trying to Multitask 

As humans, our brains weren’t built to multitask. Quite the opposite in fact. We’re actually wired to be monotaskers. Bottom line, multi-tasking fries your brain because doing everything yourself and keeping a certain amount of plates spinning in the air is quite simply exhausting. Plus, it’s not a sustainable way to run your business and can bring on the burnout quicker than anything else. 

Try turning off your distractions and stop being tempted by every social media notification, shiny new email and phone notification that lights up your screen. Allow yourself some ‘switch off time’. Practice shutting down your emails, putting your phone on flight mode, disconnecting from your WiFi and spending two uninterrupted hours actually focusing on your work. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Nobody wants to feel overwhelmed in their business. That’s not why you became an entrepreneur. If you’ll let me, I’d love to help you find your path to purpose, reconnect with your business and banish that feeling of being an overwhelmed entrepreneur once and for all.

Ready to wave goodbye to confusion and say hello to clarity?

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