True or False: All social media platforms are created equal?

Answer: False

If you were unsure of the answer or answered, “true”, then here’s the episode for you. Joining LaToya all the way from Barcelona, Spain is Alia Khatib. They are going to discuss the difference between LinkedIn and other social media platforms and how to benefit most from this unique online space.

Alia is a LinkedIn marketing coach and consultant. Like other guests that LaToya has hosted on her podcast show, this was not originally the career path that Alia began. However, opportunity presented itself and Alia was able to use her previous marketing experience along with additional training to become an expert in the LinkedIn arena. She first explains that LinkedIn is more than a personal place, it is a business network designed to attracting business related connections with other professionals.

As a business owner, your goal is to grow your business. LinkedIn creates an atmosphere where entrepreneurs can generate quality leads and make quality connections, not friends. This is a business networking platform where professionals from all industries seek business opportunities. Consider an accepted connection request on LinkedIn as opening the door to, at the very least, a business conversation. Your ideal business audience is more transparent and quality business opportunities are more plentiful on LinkedIn.

This is not a platform where the quantity of your connections and content matter, rather it’s the quality of your connections and content that make the difference. Understanding and getting the best use from the search engines and clearly knowing your target audience is key. Use your LinkedIn profile as your store front that answers all the questions that a lead may have. And reach out to leads, don’t just wait for leads to reach out to you.

Tune if for all this and much more valuable advice that Alia shares with us in this episode of The EYB Podcast show.


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