A recurrent or rhythmical pattern of coming and going or decline and regrowth. Think about it! Does this statement sound familiar and true for your small business? If so, no worries! As an online service provider, it is normal to experience changeability in ideas, marketing, clients, courses, processes, etc. The truth is that ebbs and flows of being a small business owner exists for most entrepreneurs.  

If you have not yet had your morning cup of caffeine, it’s okay! We’ve got just the stimulant for you. Join LaToya and her guest Romaine Brown Parker for a double shot of energy on this month’s episode of the Elevate Your Business podcast show. This is not Romaine’s debut as a guest on our show, but today she’s here to share with us her colorful journey to and through entrepreneurship. In the online space, Romaine is a virtual assistant, turned online business coach, turned small business owner. She has been a master at all her trades. But as you listen to her story, you’ll learn that Romaine was not born the project management powerhouse that she is today. Life and world events along with personal and professional growth have steered her career to where it is today. She has used each opportunity afforded her to become a subject matter expert in all that she does. Romaine has worked tirelessly, and her success and virtual reputation precede her. Interestingly, she is not afraid to step back and take personal time, as she knows that it is necessary to keep growing personally and professionally. She says that self-care and self-evaluation are key to reaching that next level. 

All your online business owners and entrepreneurs, learn this valuable lesson from one of the best. If you’re feeling unsure about where your business is going or thinking that it’s time to regroup and make some significant professional changes, relax! It’s normal! Change may be just what you need to Elevate Your Business.


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