Let’s talk facts!

While it may be true that owning your own business gives you a measure of flexibility, LaToya will dismiss the myth that business owners have more freedom. First things first! In this episode, LaToya will define and help you to establish which category or stage of business ownership you are. She will discuss what each category entails because she knows that having a clear understanding will enlighten you to the true responsibilities of a business owner. Are you a freelancer, doing your own thing for clients per their need? Self-employed, contracting out your services? Or an entrepreneur, organizing and operating the day to day of the business and brand that you have built? You will learn that with each, brings added accountability to your business which oftentimes correlates to less freedom for you. LaToya will also highlight the different role acronyms that we see in our online business space each day which should urge you to be honest about how much you truly do for your business in addition to servicing your clients.

This podcast will give you a realistic understanding of what starting your own business means and what it will take to reach a point of having true freedom, which, as business owners, is our goal.


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