Your DIAGNOSIS is in and it’s official your DNA reveals you are…

The Overthinker
…which means you’re hard wired to pay attention to the details and no decision is ever made without every option being explored, it’s ingrained into your dna.

You’re a perfectionist, never reckless and never throwing caution to the wind, especially not when it comes to your business. You think things through looking at every, single, possible angle so as not to miss any tiny detail.

And with all those inner thoughts comes fabulous creativity as you let your mind wander down lots of different pathways.

BUT…with all those brain tabs open comes exhaustion and worry too. You can’t help but utter the words ‘what if’ every time a decision is looming, sending your anxiety levels through the roof.

Understanding your Entrepreneurial DNA and your own unique natural wiring are the pieces of the puzzle that will allow you to align with your purpose, who you are on the inside and how you want to feel about the work you’re doing.

Your Genetic Code as a Overthinker


You’re motivated, persistent, determined and focused with an incredible drive. You believe if a job is worth doing it’s worth doing well and to the best of your abilities.


You surely don’t give up easily and are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. You’ll push yourself further and further until the impossible becomes possible.


You find the tiny imperfections in things and correct them so they’re perfect. Nothing gets past your detail oriented eye from an image used or a word misspelled.

And now for a word or two of caution….

As an Overthinker it's easy for you to stretch yourself too thin as you refuse to stop till standards are met. This can lead to burnout and exhaustion long term.

Your need for perfection sets impossible standards both for you and those on your team. Remember sometimes done is better than perfect in an imperfect world.

You can end up wasting precious energy on unnecessary tasks. Learning to let go of the little things will help give you more of the time freedom you often lack.

“Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one’s thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Ready to wave goodbye to confusion and say hello to clarity?

I hope so….

….but before we do it’s also important to acknowledge that for some people, you being one of them, being an overthinker at some level is just who you are and not all of it is bad.

In fact, some scientists have claimed there are a subset of perfectionists known as ‘positive perfectionists’ who only embrace the positive side of perfectionism and never experience the negative.

BUT…in reality these people are few and far between because with all the media surrounding us, not to mention that pesky voice in our own head, telling us what our perfect lives and businesses should look like, it’s hard to escape the very real side effects of perfectionism as we’re constantly looking for a more perfect version of what we’ve created. One that lives up to the picture painted by the media, those around us and even ourselves.

However, there are ways to manage this and one of them is by embracing the term ‘good enough’. Now this isn’t easy to do because it means accepting that your best, in the moment you’re in right now, is enough. And you have to be OK with that.

Being ‘good enough’ is a wonderfully freeing expression because it allows you to stop looking for perfection and be happy with imperfect perfection instead.

Our world isn’t a perfect world and our business will never be perfect either, nor should it be, otherwise it will never grow and flourish the way a business should. Plus your imperfection is what makes you and your business stand out from the rest!

The trick is knowing when ‘good enough’ is enough.

After all, as these quiz results show, perfectionism is part of your purpose driven DNA. It’s in your makeup so we can’t and shouldn’t want to extinguish it altogether. Instead it’s about managing it more effectively, helping you to stop waiting for the perfect conditions before you do something and instead opening yourself up to a world of infinite possibilities.

Any of these inner monologues sound familiar?


I haven't heard back from XYZ client, maybe I should follow them up. But what if they don't want to hear from me? What if they don't like the work I've done? And what if they don't respond at all?


I know I should post on social media but what should I say? Should I talk about me or the business? How many words are too many? Should I do a branded picture or something more natural? Or would it be better to just not post at all?


I want to put out a new offer but I’m not sure what really will resonate with people. What do they want to see from me? What kind of content should I include? What should I even price this at to ensure it’s affordable and make the impact I want it to make?


I've thought about it so much now my brain hurts and I still can't decide what to do.


I worked till Midnight last night trying to get this right and now I'm exhausted.

But here’s a secret…these are all excuses. Things you tell yourself to justify overthinking everything in your business and closing yourself off to the possibility of new opportunities (and maybe even the inevitable rejection).

Here’s your Personalized Purpose Prescription

Overthinking Is The Drug You’re Addicted To And It’s Time To Change The Narrative

Repeat daily and pin to a place where it will be a constant reminder….

Being ‘good enough’ will help me to achieve more and be open to new possibilities

Perfection doesn’t exist and taking imperfect action is better than no action at all

By changing the channel in my brain and switching activities I can get rid of those negative thoughts holding me back

Always looking for solutions instead of facing any problems that come up will free up my mind for other things

Done is ALWAYS better than perfect.

Say hello to your fellow Overthinker…

Serena Williams strives for perfection in everything she does from tennis to family life but she’s learned to stay balanced despite perfectionism tendencies

As a tennis star, Mom, fashion designer, and activist it’s easy to see why Serena holds herself to impossibly high standards BUT she realizes she’s not on her own with this and understands acceptance and growth are an integral part of managing her perfectionism.

So many women are attempting to be superwoman like Serena and in their quest to be great at everything they do have not allowed themselves the luxury of simply having a day where they’re not as productive or not as perfect. It’s ok to not be perfect every day, just do something to make it better tomorrow.

Time to Discover Your Path to Purpose

Let me introduce you to ELEVATE, my simplified strategy that will help you to streamline and scale in a way that is aligned with your purpose


Take a deep dive into your business and start to evaluate what is working and what’s not. Start with the services you’re offering. Are they serving you as much as your clients? Are they profitable and scalable? Do you have the right processes and systems in place to deliver a top-notch client experience? Is the work you’re doing truly aligned with who you are and the goals you have for yourself, your family, and your clients?


Look at your personal strengths and weaknesses and think of ways to leverage the things you’re good at. The things that only you can do and the things you love to do. How can you turn those strengths into your strategic secret weapon? And then get support from others to do the rest.


Take the time to educate yourself on the things you uncovered in step one. Do some research. Check out what others are doing in your industry or even surrounding industries. Are you being a trend-setter or a trend-follower? What can you do to make positive change and bridge those gaps for your clients? Start to map out the steps you need to take in order to make those changes. And don’t forget, small steps are better than big insurmountable ones. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your business.


Now bring in an expert to validate your ideas and the changes you want to make because sometimes you just need another eye or listening hear to help you on your path. Let them take an in-depth look at your business and prescribe actionable solutions that will help you move the needle forward. Remember your clients deserve to experience a business that is not just functional, but organized, fine-tuned, and sustainable and so do you!


Don’t be afraid to offload the things that you’re not good at, remember, we want to leverage those strengths. So, let’s get those things you don’t love and that take up unnecessary time off your plate. Assign these tasks to the folks that will undoubtedly do them faster (and oftentimes better) than you saving you money in the long run. There’s a reason we pay an accountant to do our bookkeeping, amiright?


Be prepared to train your new and existing team members. Pack your patience here, because now is the time to document all of your processes so you’ll have them out of your head and readily available to your team so they can be there to support you. You may even need to invest in their continued education so they can fully embrace their role and take ownership of what they’re doing. A nurtured team is a loyal team.


Give your team the freedom they need to do a wonderful job for you. Empower them to own their role, bring ideas to you, and develop their own systems and strategies. Let them help you to make your business perform like a well-oiled machine which will empower you to be the best at what you do


Hey there! I’m LaToya Williamson, Chief of Staff & Operations (some call me “Sunshine” and others call me the “CEO Whisperer”)

Latoya Williamson online business manager

After 20 years in the corporate world working as an executive assistant I woke up one morning to no job. Yep that’s right, after ten long years with a very well known beverage/consumer goods company, I’d been laid off.

So what next? I wasn’t quite ready to launch my business, although I knew this was what I wanted eventually. So instead I got another job working for a CEO, who unfortunately didn’t value my skills or knowledge and treated me like a low level assistant.

And it was then that it hit me. I could NO LONGER work for anyone else but myself. I wanted to be seen, heard and valued by people who needed my help, guidance and experience. So I built my business based on what I knew people like me wanted, not just a business/project manager and mentor, but a friend and partner they could turn to for support, laughs, and tough love.
And do you know what, it worked. Past clients have often told me that when faced with a tough decision they find themselves asking “What would LaToya do?” That to me is one of the highest compliments anyone could give me.

So now you know something about me, let’s get back to you. How can I help you?
If you let me, I’ll be your biggest advocate. But you have to be willing and ready to become the best version of yourself. But the cool thing is that you’ve already taken the first step, which was taking this quiz!
Are you ready for the next step? I sure hope so because I’m ready to help you take it.

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