join the purpose alignment

Find the simplest path to reconnect with your purpose, build your dream business, and live the life you’ve always wanted.

Being out of alignment with your purpose affects every single aspect of your life. It eats away at your free time, your happiness, and your peace of mind. Stop settling for “good enough.” Instead, let’s reconnect you with your purpose and reignite your passion.

Those feelings of overwhelm, confusion, burnout, and being lost don’t have to be the norm anymore. You can find your purpose and then make it work in a way that fulfills you, with The Purpose Alignment.

It’s time to feel aligned with your business again.

Which, let’s be real, can sometimes seem like a far-fetched fantasy. But you didn’t start your business, enter your career, or build your life to constantly be stuck wondering…

Is there something better out there for me?

By honing in on your past, present, and future, The Purpose Alignment helps you paint a clearer picture of how you want your life and business to be, and exactly how to make it happen:

You’ll take into ACCOUNT the emotions and reasoning behind why you started your business or career in the first place.

You’ll ASSESS the way things are (or aren’t) working for you in the present.

You’ll take time to ASCERTAIN a deeper understanding of exactly what it is you’re working towards.
You’ll create a clear roadmap so you are ready to take ACTION.

Those are the 4 A’s of my Path to Purpose Framework

After putting this framework into action, you’ll be doing what you want to do, how you want to do it, and, most importantly…

…doing it in alignment with your purpose.

Doing it the way that “works” for everyone else has gotten you here.

Maybe it’s worked, maybe it hasn’t. But one thing is for certain: your purpose is calling your name.

join the purpose alignment

The Purpose Alignment is a self-paced, four-module coaching experience to help you uncover your end goals and make them your reality.

So whether that looks like…

Working as much or as little as you’d like.

Seeing a pay raise without increasing your workload.

Scaling and growing your business on your own terms.

Making a positive, lasting impact on the lives of the people around you.

Taking a vacation or a step away from your business without everything crashing to the ground.

…or a combination of all of the above, The Purpose Alignment will help you rediscover that fiery passion and unbreakable confidence you once felt in your business and life.

Working (and living) out of alignment feels like…


Being constantly consumed by self-doubt.


Feeling a lack of motivation and productivity in the tasks you used to be excited about.


Having unhealthy boundaries in your work and your life.


Feeling the anxiety and stress mounting every single day.


Constantly coming up with new services or offerings in hopes that they’ll “fix” your problems.


A nagging voice inside your head telling you that something is missing.

But when you get back to your purpose, you’ll feel…

Complete confidence in the big and small decisions that you make.

Ready to take on any and everything in business and in life.

Like saying “no,” stepping away from your desk, and living your life freely is easier than ever.

Complete clarity around the services and offerings you create for your business.

Like you can finally breathe, because you’ve taken charge of your own future.

Purpose isn’t some far-off final destination…

…It’s the driving force that wakes you up in the morning, excited to start the day.

…It’s where skill, demand, profitability, and passion meet.

…It’s the process of living a life that fulfills YOU, and only you.

And the good news is: everyone has the potential to realign with their purpose, even when it feels impossible. It’s just a matter of asking the hard questions, doing the work, and having a helping hand.

“I feel like I’ve tried everything. What makes The Purpose Alignment any different?”

Short answer: YOU.

You are here because you’re sick and tired of feeling unaligned from your business, your career, and your life. You know that you could be living the life of your dreams, if only you knew how to get there. This isn’t the fluff-filled self-help course that you’ve come to expect.

This is an actionable, four-module coaching experience built on a proven framework where the only thing missing is your willingness to transform the way you frame and approach life, business, and work.

Whats included in The Purpose Alignment?

module one


Get in touch (or back in touch) with your WHY, your WHO, and your WHAT.

The first part of The Purpose Alignment focuses on you, your lifestyle, and tapping back into your purpose. By taking a trip down memory lane, you are able to reconnect with the version of you who set out to follow your biggest dreams (you know, the one that got lost somewhere between filing taxes and figuring out what to eat for dinner… again).

module two

Reality Check

This isn’t all there is, and that’s a good thing.

Part two asks you to dig deep and take stock of your current situation. Whose purpose are you actually working towards? There are so many factors that play into our lives, making it easy to start living for everyone but ourselves.

module three

Realize the Possibilities

What does your perfect day look like?

In the third part of The Purpose Alignment, you’re asked to visualize your dream day, week, month, and life. The future is beautiful, if you choose for it to be.

module four

Ready, Set, Let’s Put It Into Action!

Create an action plan of change.

In the final module of The Purpose Alignment, it’s time to make a change. Or at least, a plan to make a change. The action module helps you map out how that beautiful future is going to become your reality, and how to never fall out of step with your purpose again.


Interactive Workbook

The Purpose Alignment Workbook, an interactive, personalized workbook to help you flesh out the information in each module, and put your dreams (and your plans) onto paper.



Overcoming Imposter Syndrome


Creating, Setting & Sticking to your Boundaries


Hey there! I’m LaToya Williamson, and I am my own success story.

How I realigned with my purpose using this exact framework.

Latoya Williamson online business manager

When I founded Virtually4You Business Solutions, I did so with my former corporate colleagues in mind. The people who are pouring their hearts into the positions, overdelivering, burning out, and letting their voices go unheard for the chance at getting that next big promotion or raise. And you know what? I’m great at it. As a Virtual Chief of Staff, I help CEOs realign with their purpose every single day.

But somewhere along the way, I lost sight of mine.

By trying to do everything “by the book” and always looking over my shoulder to see what other online business owners were doing, I became completely out of alignment with the way that I was supposed to be working, resting, creating, and shaping my dream life.

So, I took some time to refocus, reminisce, and realign using the same exact four-step framework that I teach you inside of The Purpose Alignment.

When I did that, I discovered two key things:

It wasn’t my business, my life, or my work that was burning me out. It was the way that I was approaching all of it, and I had the power to change that.

I could teach the people who struggle with the same feelings of imposter syndrome, overwhelm, burnout, and confusion how to find their path back to their bigger purpose just like I did.

I didn’t create The Purpose Alignment to be just another self-help course that you purchase and forget about. I created it so that you can completely turn your life, business, or career around, 180 degrees, with the help of a little reflection, a little motivation, and a lot of action.

You deserve freedom, time, money, and a life that you can’t help but humble-brag about. So, what do you say? Are you ready to make it happen?

The Purpose Alignment is for you if…

You feel burnt out and exhausted more than you feel excited about your work and life.

You know that it’s now or never to make a big, impactful change in your life.

You consistently find yourself doing tasks you dislike, wishing you were doing just about anything but.

You want to be excited about your business or career again, but aren’t sure how.

The Purpose Alignment isn’t right for you if…


You’re not ready for self-reflection, assessing your business and life, and putting in the work to make a change.


You feel confident and happy with the way that your business or career is working at the moment.


You’re not ready to start working towards your big-picture goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let me answer the most common questions we get asked about The Purpose Alignment.


Is The Purpose Alignment a group coaching program?

The Purpose Alignment is a self-paced coaching experience with no live calls built-in. This is intentional, because this experience requires a lot of reflection, thought, and personal planning. If you wanted to, you could get through it in one evening. Or, you could spend a month digesting everything inside. You finish when you’re ready, and when you do, you have a complete action plan for transforming your life to be purpose-aligned.


What if I want extra accountability?

If you know you want to join The Purpose Alignment, but need a little extra push, you can opt into the Purpose Alignment 30-Day Challenge. Over the course of a month, you’ll receive emails with motivation, check-ins, reflective questions, and the push that you need to start taking control of your own future.


Will The Purpose Alignment teach me how to be a business owner?

No. This isn’t a business course, though it is a good fit for business owners. The Purpose Alignment is a coaching experience designed to kickstart your personal journey toward working and living in alignment with your ultimate purpose.


Can I join The Purpose Alignment if I’m not an entrepreneur?

Yes! No matter who you are, you can benefit from The Purpose Alignment. The majority of my Virtually4You clients are entrepreneurs, but The Purpose Alignment is perfect for corporate employees, stay-at-home parents, freelancers, and anyone else who finds themselves asking… is this all there is to life?

Can you afford another day of being out of alignment?

Financially, physically, and emotionally. Because when you choose to work and live out of alignment with your purpose, you’re holding yourself back from your future. Another day or week might be tolerable… but what about another year? Another ten years?

If the thought made you shudder, then it’s time to realign.