In the spirit of keeping aligned with your purpose, LaToya continues on her solo journey to true self-examination and self-discovery.

She’s sharing how misalignment can lead to taxing and costly lessons for entrepreneurs. This episode will prove to be an eye-opener for business owners feeling unsure of where they want to go in their business.

LaToya is open and honest about the challenges that she has faced as an entrepreneur and wants to encourage others not to feel defeated when success is not instant or consistent. She stresses the need to be true to yourself and to be authentic in the products and/or services that you want to create and bring to market.

She hones in on the reality that when you are not crystal clear about the things you want for your business and your life, no amount of coaching or mentoring can help you. A coach’s task is to instruct, advise and even inspire, not to play the game for you. So the real work is left to you. Otherwise, you can and will find yourself all over the place with incomplete ideas. LaToya wants to see you dig deep and figure out what it is that you truly desire for yourself and for your business.

Want to feel like you’re talking to an old wise friend??? Tune in to this podcast episode with your girl LaToya. She’s got some knowledge to share!



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